Inspections, Surveys & Audits on Oil Tankers & Terminals

Pre Purchase Inspections:

In today’s maritime scenario, Condition Assessment of vessels prior to purchase, technical management or chartering has become vital to ensure trouble free commercial operations. You can join the numerous owners and financial institutions that rely on our pre-purchase inspections to make strategic decisions about taking a ship into their fleet.Our experience, together with standardized reporting procedures, guarantees superior service. Our global presence offers the possibility of cost-effective and quick placement of inspectors, at short notice, in most parts of the world.

Pre Vetting Inspections:

By using the services of our experienced team, a vetting inspection is made that much easier. Infractions can be corrected in good time prior to the Oil Major inspection, saving the owners a whole lot of money and anxiety.

Pre Charter Inspections:

The difference between a good ship and a ‘great’ ship is the ability of the ship to consistently meet the demands of the charter party terms. In a world where the physical condition of the ship coupled with vessel management systems determine the eventual outcome of the voyage, it is important for the charterer to get an all round evaluation of the prospective vessel before they are hired. Our inspectors have the necessary skills to evaluate the ships condition and the management system to give you the larger picture.

Pre PSC Inspections:

We board the vessels before USCG and our experienced inspectors go through the checklists in order to ensure that the vessels are ready for inspection. They spend time with the Master and crew clearly explaining their findings and the short comings of the vessel. Giving them real answers to ensure that they make the right decisions. We will provide a thorough report once the inspection is completed.

SMS Audits for compliance with ISM & ISO Standards:

This includes environmental management, creating a combined health, safety, environmental and quality management system. Today the system is based on the ISM code, ISPS code, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004. We expect all employees to know and adhere to the requirements of the HSEQ management system manuals and emergency response procedures. Our marine professionals carry out independent safety and ISM audits to ensure that vessels are complying with the necessary safety standards and the company's Safety Management System. These audits can be regular or can be arranged on spot and are likened to health checks for the efficient running of ships.

Pollution & Safety Advisory:

Our experienced consultants advise vessels about mooring arrangements and stay on board the vessel throughout cargo operations. They monitor discharge / loading operations to ensure that no potentially untoward incident arises thus eliminating the potential risk of a dangerous situation developing & their actions eliminate such a risk. They liaison between terminal and vessel's crew ensuring a clear and trouble free operation.

Pro-active Loss Mitigation:

It is always our objective to mitigate a loss in a practical efficient manner. Through our personal intervention as unbiased mediators, we have been successful in convincing claimants that it is in their best interest to reduce loss through segregation, reconditioning, or repair. Only as a last resort do we recommend a salvage sale. All actions, of course, are taken without prejudice to the underwriter's liability and are subject to the terms and conditions of the governing policy.

Expediting cargo to loading terminal:

Liaison between the customer's purchasing department, the export packers and freight forwarders, who are each in contact with various vendors to ensure that all purchase orders arrive at the shipping terminal in a timely manner, adequately export packed. Our Consultants are on site and are able to convey more accurate and/or current information regarding 'cut-offs' which may affect shipping of late arrivals of high priority orders.

Loss & Risk Control:

Our Consultants supervise ship & shore cargo surveys, soundings & ullages to determine the exact quantity of cargo loaded or discharged. We monitor the shore figures and ensure that cargo is discharged or loaded without any losses in between. Attendance of loading or discharge operations by our qualified loss control professionals. Witnessing shore and ship gauging prior to and after cargo operations. Ensure adherence to ASTM and API standards by the independent inspection company, calculate cargo quantities, compare and analyze ship/shore cargo transferred quantities.

Onboard Safety & Security Training:

our highly decorated ex Army special forces personnel will train crew and conduct drills to ensure safety of life, vessel and cargo.

Liquid Cargo Surveys & Bunker Surveys (ROB):

We conduct Liquid cargo transfer surveys by guaging & ullaging the different tanks on the vessels and shore tanks to safe guard the interests of our clients. We provide complete impartial liquid cargo transfer survey solutions in order to avoid quantity or quality disputes. We work with vessel owners, their local agents & marine fuel suppliers by providing skilled staff who ensure efficient and controlled transfer and delivery. We determine these by:

  • Pre-delivery tank measurements on both the bunker tanker and receiving vessel
  • Fuel sampling preparation
  • Supervision of bunker delivery and fuel sampling process
  • Post-delivery tank measurements on bunker tanker and receiving vessel
  • Calculations of fuel quantities transferred
  • Independent certification & analysis

Ship Vetting Services:

Shipping being a risky business, charterers who wish to limit their corporate liability, exercise their due diligence in the way they go about chartering the ships they use to carry their hazardous cargoes. They must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the ships are being properly operated and will be in a suitable condition to embark on the voyage in safety, and without the risk of damage to the marine environment. Failure to do so could expose a charterer to unlimited corporate risk in the event of a serious incident involving a ship which that company had chartered.
We download ship inspection reports from the database(s) on client’s behalf and get them scrutinized by members of the team with the necessary experience, training and judgement to perform risk assessment in the maritime field. The reports will need to be looked at against a backdrop of historical knowledge on the ship and its operator, information gleaned from Lloyds Casualty Database and other information in the public domain, all of which will influence the advice given to the client as to the suitability of the ship. It is perhaps worth stressing that the decision as to whether a particular ship is acceptable or not, lies firmly with the client. Our services merely provides advice to the client to help them make that decision.
We also assist our clients in drafting of a company's vetting policy and its implementation by:

  • Providing a vetting service tailored to meet individual client requirements
  • Assisting in developing a vetting policy to meet the client’s needs
  • Providing tanker familiarization courses for jetty operators
  • Undertaking SIRE inspections on all categories of oil, gas and chemical tankers
  • Undertaking CDI inspections of chemical tankers and liquefied gas carriers

We are confident that our quality management system will continue to help us achieve our goals through a number of strategies, including process optimization, management focus and disciplined thinking and to succeed through improved OICIMF members satisfaction.

  • TMSA compliance audits for ship operators
  • Undertaking supervised inspections for candidates seeking accreditation under the CDI regime
  • Providing a superintendent to oversee in-port cargo operations for insurance purposes
  • Providing an auditing function under the OCIMF/SIRE system of accreditation
  • Providing marine terminal audits
  • Providing a general consultancy within our field of expertise
  • Marine risks assessment and ship vetting service for OCIMF members.
  • Providing expert opinion in connection with tanker related disputes undergoing litigation
  • Marine risks assessment and ship vetting service for OCIMF members.