Surveys for Air, Rail & Ground Cargo

Millennium Group offers wide variety of services when cargo needs to be checked, tallied or inspected before or after loading or shipment is complete. Any terminal, stevedore delays or labor disputes can be very costly.

Air Cargo

  • Air cargo is checked and tallied upon arrival or departure both inside the airliner & in warehouse for its condition upon arrival or departure.
  • We ensure good stowage and proper securing arrangements of cargo before it leaves the airport, safe transportation and arrival

Rail Cargo

  • Rail cars are inspected for cleanliness & suitability for the intended cargo
  • Cargo is checked while loading or discharging from the rail cars
  • Securing arrangements are checked before arrival & departure of your cargo
  • Rail cars are checked for any contamination to your cargo especially in the case of liquid cargo

Ground Transportation

  • The rigs are checked for all their mandatory periodical inspections, condition of the tires , tarpaulins and securing materials to be used for your cargo
  • Your cargo is checked while loading & discharging
  • Condition of the securing arrangements upon arrival & before departure
  • We ensure that securing arrangements meet the standards set by IMO and FMCSA rules