What We Do

Our Commitment to work with an emphasis on value!

The Millennium Group provides services in insurance and transportation sectors which cover all inspections and surveys covering marine, air, rail and ground transportation.

Our marine services offer ship surveys, cargo inspections, sampling and lab testing of your cargo, bunkers and lube oils.

Our insurance claim services include settling and adjusting of all claims in involved in the above mentioned industries.

Committed to providing services with the greatest value to our clients, Millennium Group continually strives to strengthen and improve its team of professional and seasoned technicians. Always with attention to detail and delivering the highest level of service possible, Millennium Group has earned a solid reputation in the industry.

There’s a reason defense contractors, United States Navy, companies like Gunvor Group, Cargill, Chevron, Ikea, ExxonMobil, SCI (Shipping Corp of India) have trusted us with their jobs.

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